1. How do I launder my sheets?

We recommend machine washing our sheets, Quilt Covers, Bolstercase, and Pillowcases on cool or cold with a mild detergent. Dry on low heat, low tumble and remove promptly from the dryer.

To prevent wrinkling and creasing you can remove the products while they’re still a little damp and smooth them out, then lay them flat to dry.

  1. What happens if you pour detergent on the sheet?

In a top loader, if the water does not fill and dissolve the soap, and this may cause discoloration.

  1. Can I expect a Winkle free sheet?

A certain artificial chemical is used to keep the sheets wrinkle free, and we’re not that. Just like any 100% cotton products, your sheets are bound to wrinkle. However after seasoning it with several uses and washes, they will wrinkle less over time.

Hang drying your sheets will prevent significant wrinkling. If you use a dryer, follow our instruction above on “How do I launder my sheets”.